How does Boingy Box work?

Here is a diagram to show how our revolutionary packaging system protects your fragile goods during transit.

Figure A - The Boingy Box

Key to Figure A

The Boingy Box packaging system
  1. Outer casing
  2. Payload locators. Designed to hold the payload box in place while acting as 'piston rings' slowing the up and down movement of the box by restricting the airflow between the voids in the box
  3. Payload box. Containing payload secured in place by void fillers or mouldings
  4. Base. Heavy base preferably with a 1/3 greater footprint than the base of the outer casing. Designed to secure the box in the correct orientation to the spring movement.
  5. Mechanical springs to support the payload and allow movement. The base spring will be stronger than the top spring as it must support the weight of the payload not allowing it to 'bottom out' and counter the force of the top spring. The strength of the springs will vary according to the weight of the payload.